Are you (emotionally) ready for a hurricane?

As residents of the East Coast of the US, it's easy to assume (and hope) that any hurricanes in the Atlantic are going to hit anywhere but where we live. It's not until a variety things occur that cause many of us to start paying attention. These events can vary from location to location can and easily  produce stress & anxiety:

  • Meteorological models begin to show the "cone of uncertainty" heading to our location (often a week before the hurricane is expected to make land-fall)
  • Local news starts to break into regular programming for weather bulletins and updates
  • State governors and emergency prep office begin their press conferences
  • Our social media feeds explode with updates and shares from our friends
  • Folks pleading for locations to buy generators, gas cans, propane, water, batteries, and other supplies
  • Walmart runs out of water and bread
  • School districts start cancelling school
  • Local weather reports begin to break into regular programming for longer periods of time until they're on permanently
  • Our favorite local weather person rolls up their shirt sleeves
  • We see national news outlets and celebs like Jim Cantore reporting from our backyards

It's easy to let the anxiety build, and build until we're running around like we're chickens with our heads cut off or paralyzed by fear or uncertainty. There are steps you can take to prepare for an approaching storm AND positively address the anxiety, stress, and fear that the preparations can produce. Check out these these resources:

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